the goal

Boundless has been built with the support of the Canberra community – the public service, private business, individuals, the ACT Government and the National Capital Authority. But there is still more…

We're still raising funds to support Boundless Champions and to build future stages.

ways you can contribute

Sponsor a piece of play equipment – you can purchase one or several pieces of play ground equipment ranging from $1,500–$108,000.

sponsorship opportunities

Parkland bench 1,575

Whale rocker 1,716

Seat with back/arms 1,950

Digger excavator 2,085

Digger excavator equal access 2,177

Parkland table 3,350

Wheelchair accessible bubbler 4,725

Sculptures 5,000

Painted mural 5,000

Parkland platform seat 5,450

DFA double rocker 5,610

Triple swing frame 5,703

Water pump/valve 8,641

Sculpture 10,000

Painted mural 10,000

Mammoth swing 21,989

Aero glider 30,077

Carousel 84,150

Water-garden spray point 108,368
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